High-end Chinese restaurants in London celebrates Year of the Pig

In celebration of Chinese New Year, from 28th January to 24th February Hakkasan Hanway Place and Hakkasan Mayfair will reinvent the

classic fortune cookie, commissioning renowned author Will Self to pen the fortunes.

The fortunes will be written on a ribbon and placed around the Hakkasan m

acarons, to create the fortune macaron. Instead of housing a traditional fortune, each macaro

n will feature one of Will Self’s 88 witty, satirical and sometimes dark musings on the topics most relevant to m

odern day life in London. The fortune macarons will be available as part of the Chinese New Year set menu and also a la carte.

Will Self is an English novelist and journalist, was a food critic for The Observer, and h

as written for titles including The Guardian, Harper’s and The London Review. Self writes to as

tonish people with his fantastical style, and wrote ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Prawn Cracker’, a collection of no

n-traditional restaurant reviews for the New Statesmen. His 2002 novel ‘Dorian, an Imitation’ was long listed for th

e Booker Prize and his novel ‘Umbrella’ shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. He is known for his unique style and tone of voi

ce, which will be a defining feature of the Hakkasan fortune macarons. Speaking about the partnership he said。


hile Beijing promises to buy more American goods and to ex

pand market access to US firms, Washington should move forward on some issues, such as tightened export controls to China,” Mei added.

Besides the purchase of more US soybeans, there is more room to buy additional ‘

’US goods such as energy products, aircraft and automobiles as part of efforts to reduce the US trade deficit with China.

More containment

Notwithstanding the good momentum of trade talks, the US seems to be hastening its offensive against China in various sectors.

In a Saturday article, CNN said US intelligence warned that China was using “student spies” to steal secrets from the US.

Unnamed lawmakers and intelligence officials were quoted as saying that the Chinese are

“notorious” for their patriotism and nationalism that could allegedly “coerce them into carrying out acts of espionage.”

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US Energy Department said it woul

d ban its scientists and employees from participating in talent-recruitment programs sponsored by China and other countries.

The department oversees 17 national laboratories conducting advanced resear

ch in such areas as nuclear physics and supercomputing.

This is not the first time US officials have accused Chinese students of espionage, while Chine

se students, based on official US data, accounted for over 30 percent of the country’s international students in 2018.


Brazil lowers exports forecast to China following recovery of

Brazil, the largest soybean producer in Latin America, lowered its exports expectati

ons to China following China-US trade talks that have brought a soybeans deal back to the table.

After the latest trade talks concluded on a positive note, China agreed to purchase more agricultural products from the US, particu

larly of soybeans, which US President Donald Trump described as a “tremendous purchase.”

Amid strong signals from the resumption of the China-US soybeans trade, Brazil lowered its forecast for exports to China in

2019, an industry representative from the South American country told the Global Times on Saturday.

“This development lowered our expectations for Brazilian soybeans expo

rts to China compared to the previous year,” Daniel Furlan Amaral, chie

f-economist of Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries (ABIOVE), told the Global Times.

Brazil will export 70.1 million tons of soybeans in 2019, Abiove said in a release late Monday, down 3.8 million tons on its prev

ious projection made in December and a sharp fall from the 83.8 million tons that the country exported in 2018.


Preventing stomach cancer in advanceecializes in the tr

The stomach is the first stop in the digestive tract before food and drink passes onwards

into the intestines. It is a muscular bean-shaped sack about the size of a fist that is situated at the top of the abdo

men. The cells of the stomach lining secrete acidic gastric juices, which mix with ingested food.

Stomach cancer is one of the top four most common cancers worldwide and is a significant

problem in China. The estimated five-year survival rate for stomach cancer is less than 30 percent. If diagnose

d at an early stage, the chances of being successfully cured are greatly improved, which is why early detection is very important.

Beijing United Family Hospital’s UK gastroenterologist Dr Neil Galletly talks more ab

out the disease and discusses ways people can prevent stomach cancer to keep our stomachs healthy.

How to reduce your risk of stomach cancer?

Cancer prevention – for any cancer – is about taking action to reduce the risk of developi

ng cancer. This usually means implementing changes to your diet or lifestyle. It can include avoiding and elimina

ting risk factors (ie. things known to increase the risk of cancer) and increasing exposure to protective factors (ie. thi

ngs known to reduce the risk of cancer).  Although avoiding risk factors and increasing protective factors does not guarantee that you will not get canc

er, it should lower your risk. Taking the following actions should reduce your risk of stomach cancer:


n be one of the factors. Stomach cancer, and a number of

, are more common above the age of 50. While most cases of stomach cancer occur without a family history but approximately 10 percent of cases are clustered within families.  So, it is importan

t to speak with your doctor if you have a family history of stomach cancer in a close family member or more than o

ne case in the same family.  A strong family history of lobular breast cancer may also increase your risks.

Statistics also show that men are roughly twice as likely as women to be diagnosed with stomach cancer. People with Type A b

lood have a slightly higher risk of stomach cancer compared with people with other blood groups. And people from

an East Asian background (Chinese, Japanese, Korean),  Pacific Islanders, Hispanics and blacks have an increased risk.

Those who have previous gastric surgery and pernic

ious anemia – anemia caused by low levels of Vitamin B12 – should also pay more attention to that.

Screening for stomach cancer

Cancer screening is a way of testing healthy people before they develop symptoms to help detect cancer at an early

stage. Unlike colon, breast and cervical cancer, very few countries (with the exception of Japan and South Korea) have

population screening programs for stomach cancer. If you have risk factors, speak to a gastroenterologist or your fa

mily doctor about whether or not you would benefit from regular endoscopic checks for stomach cancer screening.


King Lin Yun lip-synching mouth in mainland, net frien

Mainland king in starring film, 28, a minor role in the sh

ape is very good, after in reality show “the high-energy youth club,” make you

more to get to know this big bo

y, although we often put focus on mainland king’s mouth, in spite of this,

he sunshine personality also let man

y people fall in love with him.Lin Yun once in the TV series bucket broken sky,

after the red is more low-key, so recently L

in Yun and mainland king came on lip-synching, also immediately on the hot

search, eagle-eyed Internet quickly found the problem.

On January 29th, the king of the mainland and Lin Yun in hunan TV’s

Spring Festival gala, when two people sing “you hav

e only to feel”, found that most of the time mouth is and lyrics in, not slow is fast, netizens criticized for hu

nan satellite TV is too elaborate, a lot of people need to stage, and have the stage

and not by heart, then to the au

dience why?For those efforts in terms of singing or dancing too, they need only a

stage to prove yourself, so to attract eve

ryone’s attention or make people dislike.Originally broadcast by hunan

satellite TV program, it is very let people like

, like “happy camp”, “day day up” these programs over the years, also did not let

you down, how to meet the Spring Fe

stival evening party when this program is so elaborate?Still say heart isn’t this

above, so the significance of host a party?


SONY’s official micro poking fun at “induction 1 and a half y

  ”In one and a half years no annual leave, don’t write, who CARES!”Small make up a job can also save?

  Off guard, @ the home page of SONY China jun rise up late last night, then the red…

  Late January 29, SONY China’s official weibo appeared su

ch ridicule: staying up late at night to work overtime to w

rite plan, didn’t work for a year and a half, 2019 annual leave still is 0, “annual leave was eaten by a dog?”

  There aren’t any annual leave plan also don’t want to write, “who CARES, aerobic oh.

  The weibo soon aroused the concern of the people, “SONY small make up crazy”, “SONY small make up in revolt”;

  Netizens have speculated whether small make up because of wo

rk too busy, forget to switch the personal account.A for

mer employee appeared, SONY is generally in the second year will have annual leave.

  In the evening, @ SONY China has removed the post.

  No annual leave, overtime plan written, netizens love small make up at the same time, again have to SONY’s offi

cial micro message, don’t expel small make up, give him a vacation, he just wanted to the Chinese New Year.

  30th morning @ China respond, SONY said the accident is the company’s employees forget to switch account nu

mber, and the so-called “annual leave to zero”, because of annual leave system to malfunction.


The iPhone was revealed significant privacy loophole

  Comprehensive report the web technology to the iPhone’s privacy problem has bec

ome the focus of attention.Recently, there is a safety agency said apple FaceTime major defec

ts, when users use the function call, can be in each other before the answer or refuse to answer, can hear the other person.

  This also means that the user can eavesdrop on any basically talk iOS users.

And, more importantly, speech won’t perceive someone eavesdropping on the conversations.

  Have foreign media by making the iPhone X using FaceTim

e with iPhone XR recreates the user calls this defect.It is und

erstood that the defects affect the running iOS 12.1 and updated version of the iOS operating system iOS devices.

  It is unclear whether the iPhone users should be how to avoid because of the defect is under attack, only waiting for a

pple to release software patches.Now proven just microphone is affected, the flaw does not affect the cam

era temporarily, the user temporarily don’t have to worry about his every move is likely to be monitored.


Peru to 14 lives and injured 35 majortraffic accident

The original title: Peru to 14 lives and injured 35 major traffic accident

ma on January 26 (xinhua) Peru’s media reported on the 26th, in southern Peru

Arequipa provinces in the evening of 25 bus and truck collided head-on with ser

ious traffic accidents, killing at least 14 people were killed and 35 injured.

Accident happened in the evening at 8 around 15 points, a bound for apurimac child wawa provincial travel on the bus to the

southeastern city of Arequipa city to euler city road when overtaking, going the way to the oncoming a truck co

llided.After the two cars crashed into each other all fell into the 80 meters deep valley.

The official has not yet been published two specific number of involved vehicles.

Peru is one of the traffic accident rates are highest in the world, poor road conditions, ve

hicle condition and the driver driving without a license, drunk dr

iving and fatigue driving is the main cause of traffic accidents.25th of this month, tile Mr Peru’s central coast pro

vince sank river provincial bus accident just happened, killing at least 10 people were killed and 30 injured.


Sun Nan’s daughter born to her ex-wife attends a school with

In recent days, there has been a heated discussion on the Internet about Sun Nan and his ex-wife’s purchase of Hongmei’s eldest

daughter to attend a school in Xuzhou. Tucao points mainly around the school without school qualifications, teachers no teacher qualification certif

icate, the diploma issued by the school does not admit that children can not take part in the college entrance ex

amination after graduation, the new curriculum involves the community’s controversial “female virtues” and so on. Because Sun Nan’s family members are more complex now, it is the second ma

riage to reorganize the family. The marriage between Pan Wei and Sun Nan is what happened in Sun Nan’s marriage with Buying Red Girls. For those who dest

roy other people’s families, public opinion has been more critical. So Sun Nan and the eldest daughter of Mai Hongmei were sent to the school to study. Pan

Wei was criticized on the Internet. Some netizens even called her the modern version of Xiao Qin.

Who is Xiao Qin? Xiao Qin is the stepmother of Gu Tingye, the hero in Know or Not. The stepmother was very go

od to her own son and was very good at planning, hoping that he would succeed to

the title in the future. Xiao Qin was not sincere to the other two stepsons. He separated Gu Tingye’s elder brother and de

stroyed his body. He slaughtered Gu Tingye and seemed to be responding to his demands. In fact, he climbed high and fel

l miserably. On the surface, Xiao Qin was a good man, until Gu Tingye grew up and touched a nose grey before he rec

ognized Xiao Qin’s true face. Would it be too much for netizens to compare Pan Wei to Xiao Qin?

Netizens believe that Pan Wei’s own daughter went abroad to study in aris

tocratic schools, and sent her daughter to a school where she could not even take the college entrance ex

amination. It is doubtful that her motive is pure. In fact, the eldest daughter of the girl who bought Hong Me

i had studied well in Beijing, but she did not like the atmosphere of the school to p

lay games every day. Pan Weicai suggested that the children go to Xuzhou to study. Pan Wei moved his family to Xu

zhou for the sake of children. He lived in a house with 700 rents a month and cooked for his children every day, which is f

ar from the rich life in Beijing. And the effect of school is obvious to all, the children are obviously obedient.

Pan Wei’s conscience is painful, but after all, it is stepmother’s identity and the ma

rriage of buying a red sister that is directly destroyed. So how can she use her

conscience painfully, she can’t stop the leisurely public. After all, stepmother’s identity originally makes pe

ople unhappy. Stepmother is difficult. Xiaobian thinks that he should go his own way and let others talk about it.