hile Beijing promises to buy more American goods and to ex

pand market access to US firms, Washington should move forward on some issues, such as tightened export controls to China,” Mei added.

Besides the purchase of more US soybeans, there is more room to buy additional ‘

’US goods such as energy products, aircraft and automobiles as part of efforts to reduce the US trade deficit with China.

More containment

Notwithstanding the good momentum of trade talks, the US seems to be hastening its offensive against China in various sectors.

In a Saturday article, CNN said US intelligence warned that China was using “student spies” to steal secrets from the US.

Unnamed lawmakers and intelligence officials were quoted as saying that the Chinese are

“notorious” for their patriotism and nationalism that could allegedly “coerce them into carrying out acts of espionage.”

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US Energy Department said it woul

d ban its scientists and employees from participating in talent-recruitment programs sponsored by China and other countries.

The department oversees 17 national laboratories conducting advanced resear

ch in such areas as nuclear physics and supercomputing.

This is not the first time US officials have accused Chinese students of espionage, while Chine

se students, based on official US data, accounted for over 30 percent of the country’s international students in 2018.


Apple is considering repricing! Reduce the price of som

The price war in the mobile phone market is fierce. Apple has also been unable to withsta

nd the announcement that it will cut the price of the iPhone in some overseas markets.

Data map

In recent years, the development and changes of mobile phones are obvious to all, especially the functions of mobile phon

es are becoming more and more comprehensive, which should be thanked for the Apple mobile phone.

However, the sales of Apple mobile phones in China are declining year by year, and the devel

opment momentum of domestic mobile phones is very strong. Many of them have gone abroad. The reas

on is that the price of Apple mobile phones is too high. Following Apple’s first-quarter earnings announcement rec

ently, Cook announced that he would cut the price of the iPhone in some overseas markets. Let’s have a look!

Cook said that in the worst-selling areas of the first quarter, recent exchange rate movements were considerable. Apple will adju

st prices in some areas to bring them closer to those previously priced in local currencies.


i’an “face-changing terracotta warriors and horses” was remove

According to the staff of Xi’an Beilin District Construction and Housing Bureau, the device is an interactive facial lighting de

vice using 3D modeling technology for creating festive atmosphere in Beilin District before the Spring Festival.

Citizens and tourists can display their faces on the terracotta warriors and horses free o

f charge under the guidance of staff through scanning in the internal operating room of the terracotta warriors and horses.

But its interactive effect has caused many netizens to “Tucao”.

Some netizens expressed the terracotta warriors and horses device after adding face

Big difference from real people, too scary

Someone Tucao “cried” tourists.

But some people think it’s interesting to try it.


Within a day, the terracotta warriors and horses became “black-faced”

“Welcome to the Stele Forest Area”, which was standing in front of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses before.

It has been moved to the side of the flower bed.

Faced with the overwhelming comments on the Internet, the Beilin District responded, because it was constantly blacke

ned, only the “face-changing terracotta warriors and horses” could be removed. Next to the face-changing terracotta warriors and horses, there


Sun Nan’s daughter born to her ex-wife attends a school with

In recent days, there has been a heated discussion on the Internet about Sun Nan and his ex-wife’s purchase of Hongmei’s eldest

daughter to attend a school in Xuzhou. Tucao points mainly around the school without school qualifications, teachers no teacher qualification certif

icate, the diploma issued by the school does not admit that children can not take part in the college entrance ex

amination after graduation, the new curriculum involves the community’s controversial “female virtues” and so on. Because Sun Nan’s family members are more complex now, it is the second ma

riage to reorganize the family. The marriage between Pan Wei and Sun Nan is what happened in Sun Nan’s marriage with Buying Red Girls. For those who dest

roy other people’s families, public opinion has been more critical. So Sun Nan and the eldest daughter of Mai Hongmei were sent to the school to study. Pan

Wei was criticized on the Internet. Some netizens even called her the modern version of Xiao Qin.

Who is Xiao Qin? Xiao Qin is the stepmother of Gu Tingye, the hero in Know or Not. The stepmother was very go

od to her own son and was very good at planning, hoping that he would succeed to

the title in the future. Xiao Qin was not sincere to the other two stepsons. He separated Gu Tingye’s elder brother and de

stroyed his body. He slaughtered Gu Tingye and seemed to be responding to his demands. In fact, he climbed high and fel

l miserably. On the surface, Xiao Qin was a good man, until Gu Tingye grew up and touched a nose grey before he rec

ognized Xiao Qin’s true face. Would it be too much for netizens to compare Pan Wei to Xiao Qin?

Netizens believe that Pan Wei’s own daughter went abroad to study in aris

tocratic schools, and sent her daughter to a school where she could not even take the college entrance ex

amination. It is doubtful that her motive is pure. In fact, the eldest daughter of the girl who bought Hong Me

i had studied well in Beijing, but she did not like the atmosphere of the school to p

lay games every day. Pan Weicai suggested that the children go to Xuzhou to study. Pan Wei moved his family to Xu

zhou for the sake of children. He lived in a house with 700 rents a month and cooked for his children every day, which is f

ar from the rich life in Beijing. And the effect of school is obvious to all, the children are obviously obedient.

Pan Wei’s conscience is painful, but after all, it is stepmother’s identity and the ma

rriage of buying a red sister that is directly destroyed. So how can she use her

conscience painfully, she can’t stop the leisurely public. After all, stepmother’s identity originally makes pe

ople unhappy. Stepmother is difficult. Xiaobian thinks that he should go his own way and let others talk about it.


Bieber hayley wedding guests exposure The kardas

  According to foreign media reports, the hayley Baldwin (Hailey Baldwin) and Justin

Bieber (Justin Bieber) of marriage, her cousin John Ireland Bald

win (Ireland) not only declared his support for, and in her view, they is almost a match made in heaven.On Janu

ary 19, Stephen Ireland, told the press, “hayley and Justin are a match made in heaven, because they are the sam

e person.Two people are and cordial, appreciate each other, love each other very much.”

  Hayley and cousin John Ireland Baldwin

  John Ireland also thinks the newly-married couple in the spotlight of life traje

ctory is the same.”They had experienced the same struggle, I think they can support each other.Times cha

nge and we all meet the setbacks, I think they are associated with everything unde

r our experience, anxiety, stress, or whatever it is, for each other is a good thing.”

  It is reported, bieber, 24 and 22, married her court in New York last Septe

mber, will hold a wedding in March in Los Angeles.Al claimed that he didn’t know more details of the wedding.”We are

delighted to attend the wedding, but I don’t know the time and place, it’s our pleasure for them.”

  Her uncle Billy Baldwin (Billy Baldwin) revealed the few names on the guest list.He said: “who are the wedding?Her

and all her girlfriends, of the house of Kim kardashian and Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid), Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner) and others.”