As a sovereign state, however, Venezuela’s future should

d be decided by its own people, not outside powers.

The US has been working overtime to get international recognition for Gu

aido, who is the Venezuelan National Assembly leader, as the country’s president. The US has e

ven demanded international supervision of Venezuela’s political affairs in its draft to the UN.

Russia made a counter resolution, saying that Venezuela’s territorial integr

ity and political independence need to be safeguarded, emphasizing that the globall

y approved Montevideo Mechanism put forward by Mexico, Uruguay and the Caribbean Community be

applied to address Venezuela’s problems through dialogue, negotiation, commitments, and implementation.

The two resolutions make it clear that Washington wants to oust Maduro from power so it can h

elp install a US-friendly government in the country, especially because it sees Maduro as being anti-US and

pro-Russia; while Moscow is opposed to any outside interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs.