SONY’s official micro poking fun at “induction 1 and a half y

  ”In one and a half years no annual leave, don’t write, who CARES!”Small make up a job can also save?

  Off guard, @ the home page of SONY China jun rise up late last night, then the red…

  Late January 29, SONY China’s official weibo appeared su

ch ridicule: staying up late at night to work overtime to w

rite plan, didn’t work for a year and a half, 2019 annual leave still is 0, “annual leave was eaten by a dog?”

  There aren’t any annual leave plan also don’t want to write, “who CARES, aerobic oh.

  The weibo soon aroused the concern of the people, “SONY small make up crazy”, “SONY small make up in revolt”;

  Netizens have speculated whether small make up because of wo

rk too busy, forget to switch the personal account.A for

mer employee appeared, SONY is generally in the second year will have annual leave.

  In the evening, @ SONY China has removed the post.

  No annual leave, overtime plan written, netizens love small make up at the same time, again have to SONY’s offi

cial micro message, don’t expel small make up, give him a vacation, he just wanted to the Chinese New Year.

  30th morning @ China respond, SONY said the accident is the company’s employees forget to switch account nu

mber, and the so-called “annual leave to zero”, because of annual leave system to malfunction.